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Treating Toxoplasmosis, One $750 Tablet at a Time

Experts in the field of infectious disease are now faced with a critical issue, one that has seldom surfaced in previous years. A sixty-two-year-old drug that has traditionally treated a dangerous parasite has now increased from $13.50 to $750 per tablet. This drug, known as Daraprim, was acquired by a new company known as Turing Pharmaceuticals.

About Turing

Turing-to-Cut-Price-of-DrugThe Turing Company is responsible for this radical price increase. This increase may force health care professionals to use inferior methods of treatment along with other alternative therapies. Of course, this is not a rare incidence, but rather, an insidious trend that has emerged in the pharmaceutical industry in the past. These incidents have surfaced for two reasons in particular. In some cases, a drug shortage was responsible for this phenomenon. In other cases, poor business strategies became the primary culprit.

These radical drug price increases have invited suspicion and concern among the federal government members. In particular, two members of Congress investigated these price hikes in August, after Valeant Pharmaceuticals raised the price for two heart medications by 525% and 212% respectively.

Effects on Health Care

Other organizations have expressed their impassioned grievances against Turing for raising the prices on both HIV medications and infectious disease medications. Essentially, they accused him of exploiting a vulnerable population of people susceptible to disease. In essence, these price hikes are a scourge to the medical community and may compromise the quality of standards of care.


The purpose of Daraprim is to treat a condition known as toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that threatens the well-being and life of newborn babies. It is also used to combat parasitic infections for those who suffer from AIDS or HIV-related infections.

What the Founder Has to Say

The founder and chief executive of this company, Martin Shkreli, minimized the impact this would have on the medically vulnerable population, noting that this drug was rarely used in the first place. Furthermore, he declared that he would allocate the profits from this medicine to furthering medical research on this very topic. This individual has been at the forefront of many well-known controversies, and he continues to face an onslaught of criticism.

According to Shkreli, his company is not motivated by avarice and greed, but rather, a pressing need to stay in business, even at the expense of the patients and their well-being. In spite of his brash efforts, he continues to justify his claim, noting the short-lived treatment periods required for this condition. He stated that the use of this drug rarely exceeds a year in some cases, but these treatments can prove alarmingly expensive at a rate of $750 per pill. He insists that the criticism being leveled against him is unwarranted.

Mr. Shkreli has invited other notable examples of criticism, one of which led to the untimely termination from his company, Retrophin. He started this company to purchase older drugs and raised their prices accordingly. According to CEO of Incerio, his board of directors fired him and accused him of pursuing these endeavors for monetary purposes. He is attempting to sue this company, and he denies what he deems to be wild allegations, behaving as though he were unjustly punished.

The Importance of Daraprim

Daraprim is especially important in the medical world, because it treats malaria, and it only cost a mere $1 per tablet many years ago. Once it was acquired by CorePharma, its price dramatically increased tremendously. Hence, this drug seems to have incurred a trend of price increases over the years, but none as dramatic as this. This price increase will ultimately provide Turing with tens of millions of dollars, and private insurance companies will be forced to cover it, while Medicaid will acquire it at cheaper prices.

In essence, some hospitals may experience treatment delays, because the drug is now too expensive to administer to patients. Daraprim is the standard treatment for this parasitic condition, and this issue clearly has vaster implications than Shkreli claims.

Thirty-Eight Pills of Septra: An Accidental Overdose with Grave Repercussions

A young man, Pablo Garcia, visited the hospital for a standard course of treatment to address a terrible condition. The night he went to the hospital, he experienced many unusual symptoms. His body was riddled with numbness and tingling, and as time progressed, his condition appeared to worsen. Throughout his life, he had suffered from a dangerous genetic condition known as NEMO syndrome, which induces infections and bowel inflammation over the course of a lifetime.

When he was initially admitted to the hospital, he was assessed for a polyp in his bowel area. He was given a standard colonoscopy at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center’s Benioff Children’s Hospital. However, after this simple procedure, the unthinkable happened.

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Pablo Garcia’s Health Took a Turn for the Worst

At approximately 9:00 p.m., he consumed his medication as directed, which included a course of steroids and antibiotics to treat any existing infection. But as his symptoms intensified, he confided in his nurse about the fear of his declining health.

So, she wondered if one of two factors were to blame for his worsening condition. Were his symptoms being caused by the bowel cleaning solution he consumed, or by his anti-nausea pills? The nurse could not explain this medical mystery, so she summoned the aid of the physician on call that night. The physician accessed Pablo’s online medical records for an exhaustive list of medications. Perhaps this would shed insight on the situation.

An Accidental Overdose

hqdefaultFlabbergasted, the doctor revealed an alarming discovery. Rather than prescribing the patient with a standard dose of Septra, an antibiotic, Pablo had received approximately thirty-eight of those pills. This antibiotic, which treats urinary and skin infections, now flooded his body and dampened his hopes of recovery.

The nurse admitted that she inadvertently had given him this unnervingly large dose of medication. Frenetically, the doctor phoned toxicology experts at the Center for Poison Control, and even they were astounded by this revelation. Never once had they documented an accidental overdose of this magnitude. Their only available recourse was to monitor him as closely as possible and hope for the best.

His family prayed anxiously as the rapid response team flooded his room. Suddenly, Pablo began to have a grand mal seizure and his respiration stopped as the Code Blue Team arrived.

When the Rube Goldberg system was in place, computerized prescriptions and medical records were nonexistent. Hospitals relied on paper records, which required manual calculations and entries of the patient’s data. Although computerized patient systems have systematized the medical industry, it failed in this capacity. Using weight-based calculations, this computer system calculated his dosage to be thirty-eight pills, in accordance with his weight. Hence, this is a tale of caution not to be ignored. Medical technology has a long way to go.

Making the most out of your online education

online-learningThe need and demand for online education has increased dramatically in the last few years and more and more people consider it because it’s far more convenient and affordable than going to a regular college. However, many think that studying online can be quite hard, since many are having trouble committing to it. Students think they’re going to feel too lazy to study since they’re the ones making the calls on how much and when they want to study. If you’re also someone pharmacy tech who is dealing with the same issues, then have no worries, since below we’re going to take a closer look at how you can make the most out of your education.

Don’t cheat no matter how tempting it may be

Cheating is probably the number one thing that most online students think about and that is because they’re not bound by any rules to study for X amount of time at a certain time. However, even though answers are certainly more accessible when you’re sitting in front of the computer, by accessing them you’re only going to do yourself a disservice. Yes, studying from home can be challenging if you’re not someone who is very dedicated, but it’s important to learn from your mistakes and become a better student and a better person overall. In fact, you’re going to be better off in the long run if you treat of your online experience as if you were in a regular classroom.

Start making more friends who study online

If you want your online education to help you attain the skills you would in a traditional classroom, then you certainly need to interact more with people across the country. Therefore, you should start interacting with the friends you make in class as resources during the class and professional contacts when study time is over. Not only will this help make studying more fun, but also help you connect with other people and make your online education experience that much better.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Getting off track is something that a lot of people studying online tend to experience, but if you do this, then in the future when you’ll have a job and be expected to adhere to certain deadlines, you’re most certainly going to miss them. Since life is generally based around deadlines, internet education is a very good way to practice scheduling and prioritizing accordingly. So how about you write a schedule every week that accounts for your studying, your homework and also for your family obligations and work responsibilities? Just make sure to stick to it and soon you’ll realize that the experience of studying online has made you a much better person and has effectively prepared you for the real world.


How Does A Chiropractor Help?

It’s important to understand that pain may be caused due to many different reasons. While some reasons are minor, such as slips and falls, others may be associated with an underlying problem. Various joints, muscles and ligaments make different parts in the body. Thus, any problem with them can cause severe pain in the area.==>WebMD

In most cases, medications and other treatment options are ineffective. In fact, medications can also cause some side effects. Therefore, you need to look for a treatment option that offers the best results without any side effects. Chiropractic care is the best solution for all kinds of pain. In this post, we’ve discussed how Heber City chiropractor care helps patients.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

chiropracticThe chiropractor doctors at the Nielsen Clinic Wellness Center tries to assess a patient on the basis of everything. At a chiropractic clinic, patients are asked about all kinds of pain symptoms. A chiropractor takes utmost care while discussing symptoms and tries to understand the basic problem. Once he is able to do so, he recommends a diagnosis and analysis, which lets him understand the root cause of the problem.

A Chiropractor for pain tries to understand your overall lifestyle. This includes the kind of foods you eat, your daily routine, allergies, workout regime, level of activity and other areas of your life. There are many factors that you tend to ignore, but they can lead to back pain.

Chiropractors understand that every individual has different needs. Therefore, they try to determine a customized therapy program according to your specific needs and requirements. Usually, the program is determined on the basis of your diagnosis, analysis and symptoms.

A program includes many different things and affects many different areas of your body. For instance, therapeutic movements can help relieve some chronic pain. On the other hand, chiropractic care can also lead to accelerated nerve and muscle function. Chiropractors also advise you about your nutrition and lifestyle.

Chiropractors receive proper education and training to manage pain. They are focused on determining the root cause of your problem. They provide certain therapeutic care by understanding your physiology, nutrition and lifestyle.

A Chiropractor for pain ensures that your body functions improve and all kinds of back pain symptoms are eliminated permanently. Chiropractic care is one of the best medical solutions to manage and treat pain.

Chiropractors at the Nielsen Clinic try to treat an individual as a whole. They help you with all sorts of physiological dysfunctions. Thus, improving your biochemical system, nervous system and physiological system.

How to Locate the Best Teeth Whitening Dentist

Dentist in Salem, MassachusettsIn case you will like to have teeth whitening services that will make your teeth appear great, then you need to select the best dentist who will offer you the services of teeth whitening. There are several dentists available but you need to look for the best because not all of them will guarantee you quality services. If possible you should look for a dentist who is readily available to offer you the services. You will easily know whether the dentist is widely available after you try his contact numbers and compare the way he will respond to your call. There are some dentists who will respond to your call within the shortest time possible and offer you necessary advice concerning your problem. If possible you should also ask for the estimate of what your services will cost online. Here are some tips for you to select the best teeth whitening dentist:

Consider a dentist who work in a clinic that is well equipped to offer you teeth whitening services

For any health professional to be able to offer you the best services he has to work in a facility that is well equipped. If possible before you decide on a given dentist you should take time and check on the reputation of the clinic in terms of the equipment that are available. A clinic with good reputation in terms of the equipment that it has is the best for you to consider in case you will like to enjoy quality services which you will not feel like you have been coned.

Check on the experience of the dentists before you decide on him as the best to offer you teeth whitening services

A dentist who has a lot of experience in dealing with different problems is the best for you to consider in case you will like to have your teeth in the best color. It can be a bit tricky for you to know about the experience of the expert in offering the services because most of them will try to make themselves appear as the best in the field. After you ask other people who have ever been served you will easily know the best expert for you to work with.

Go for a teeth whitening dentists who has the best rates

After you access the services from the dentists you will be required to pay for them. In order to avoid cases where you will be exploited you need to carry out some form of research which will enable you compare the dentists available so that you will be able to decide on the best. While trying to locate a dentist who has the best rates you should remember to check on any hidden charges that may be applicable and consider them. This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will end up hiring a dentist who will quote attractive rates but he ends up offering you the services at extremely high rates due to the hidden charges that may be applied during the exercise of your teeth whitening.