home_buildingUnder Florida law, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is responsible for collecting and disseminating reliable health care information to assist consumers in the selection of their health care providers.1 AHCA is also responsible for performing studies on health care costs, access to care, and quality of care.2

As part of its mandate to produce reports and provide consumer information, AHCA has developed a variety of consumer brochures and reports. These brochures focus on topics of concern to consumers and provide information that may not be readily available from other sources. Consumer brochures related to hospital care that are available from AHCA include:

  • A Patient’s Guide to a Hospital Stay,
  • Emergency Medical Care, and
  • A Consumer’s Introduction to Cardiovascular Procedures Using

MITCHELLMost of the brochures and reports published by AHCA are available on-line. AHCA has established a consumer-oriented website,, to serve the public in this regard. Please visit this site for more information or call the AHCA Call Center at 1-888-914-5656 to order these or other publications.

Florida Hospital Services Guide 2003

In 2000, AHCA first published an annual report on health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in Florida called Choosing A Quality Health Plan. Experience with the HMO report and consumer requests for easy-to-use information about hospitals led to the creation of this new publication.

In the Florida Hospital Services Guide 2003, you will find information on hospitalizations for selected conditions and also information on specialized services available at Florida hospitals. See how to use report for more information about how to use this report and its various features.

AHCA has developed the Florida Hospital Services Guide 2003 using data reported to AHCA by hospitals. Florida licensed hospitals report patient data to AHCA about each hospitalization such as the patient’s diagnoses and the procedures performed. Financial reports include information on the availability and use of specialized services. The standards for reporting this data are described by administrative rule.3

For information about the data used to produce this report, contact the Agency for Health Care Administration’s State Center for Health Statistics at 1-888-914-5656.